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Palio Marinaro

4 Gennaio 2017 , ,

A story of salt and sweat..
From XV Century to the future

One of ancient Italian sea rowing races, Palio Marinaro, is celebrated since XV century in July. Modern race take place in front of Mascagni Terrace in Livorno, one of the most beautiful Tuscany’s waterfront, and close to Bagni Pancaldi, oldest city’s bathhouse. Palio Marinaro was established in honor of Cosimo de ‘Medici and over the centuries become the city’s challenge par excellence. The winning district is awarded by “the Drape”, in honor of the Siena’s traditional horse race called Palio. Thanks to an handful of expert men, able to prepare a specific and well organized competition field, male and female crews separately can proving their strength at sea in “all against all” race.
This is a story of salt and sweat that never stop..